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Altai - Russia
01.08.2019 - 15.08.2019
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Altai − the Land of White Waters.

The Path to Northern Shambala.

 Altai lago 1

HEART of Beluha.

August 1 -15 

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Welcome to the spiritual journey −This magnificent trip is a horseback trail in Russia


The plan of physical part of the Mission begins :

1 August 2019 in Barnaul in Russia


Spiritual journey is an in-depth research of One’s own Path and the Path of Humanity. We learn to perceive subtle energies, familiarize ourselves with ancient traditions and practices − many remain relevant until today. It is always mindful attention to nature, oneself and the other that fuels profound spiritual development. Absolute uniqueness of Spititual journey is that the place of destination − that had revealed itself through spiritual calling − has been carefully prepared on subtle level by group leaders to enable most profound immersion and encounter with One’s true Essence, the world of Nature in its purity and some very sacred knowledge. Our journey is a borderless space of Integral Spiritual Creativity

We create unique trips to unique places. The practice of spiritual journeys includes meditations, conscious seeing, physical activity. Meditative trip is an exceptional tool for spiritual awakening and transformation.

Our Hearts are in tune with multitude of unique locations on Planet Terra-Earth. Hearts can hear them inviting us and we respond by going to where we are called where Light, Love and Mindfulness get crystalized. 

Our mindful research-journeys are not just field training programs where we learn to perceive even more rationally. Instead, our instrument is spiritual perception and it begins to work if the Soul does really know Itself. Do we really have much left from direct perception of surrounding nature and our own being? Most jobs of today, stress, reduction of physical activity, increasing radiation etc.. weakens the Soul’s connection to Earth and human Life in general. To return to this connection − this is what our journey are designed for. (From the writing of Jivan-Mila)


Additional information and Q&A available directly from organizers :

Mauro Rossi  logo UIAGM   Mountain Guide

Tel. +41794180481 email :


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